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Yellow signal in the Kansai area of ​​discussion] inbound also

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality Actual situation of [Kansai discussion] inbound to the yellow signal is also of ... Muslim trust shake of Japan [halal certification] Amid visit customers of Muslims (Muslim) increases rapidly, has shaken the reliability of the restaurant to provide halal food in accordance with the precepts of Islam is aimed at showcasing acquisition [halal certification]. Certification organizations mushrooming, a result that only authentication while there is no uniform standards has Hitoriaruki, but because it has become a situation to be rather length increasing distrust of Muslims. For this reason, to publish the ingredients and cooking methods, such as SNS (membership alternating current site) is in the food and beverage industry, such as or thorough explanation of the over the counter, has spread appeal that does not rely on authentication. Confidence in the shaken authentication Japan's oldest mosque [Kobe Muslim Mosque] (Kobe, Japan) is, in Tokyo mosque [Tokyo Camii] and the sequence popular tourist destination on Muslims to visit Japan, thousand or more people annually visit.
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