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Muslim Hokkaido meal

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality People of Muslims are also looking forward to the meal of Hokkaido! In recent years, we are very increasing number of visitors to Japan from overseas. In 00 years Tokyo Olympic Games will be held has been said that more than 000 million people. But in the customers from abroad, reported comes a lot is people with limited meal for reasons of faith or the like. Not only from China and South Korea also in Hokkaido, a guest is rapidly growing from Malaysia and Indonesia, such as Southeast Asia. In particular, Indonesia of Hokkaido popularity is high, year-on-year percent or more in the fiscal year also increased (from Hokkaido Economic Tourism Bureau source material). In that Indonesia has indeed is said to be Muslim (Muslim). However, even great pains me to come to travel to Hokkaido, it does not have many shops that Muslims can eat in peace.
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