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How it should correspond to the [halal food]

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality More visit to Japan Muslim, should be compatible if in the halal food] Series to extend [food barrier-free] [Eating of barrier-free] religious reasons and preferences, allergies, etc., also those of any diet, to enjoy the food, also in a variety of food culture and food preferences of multinational residents and tourists to increase in Japan consideration to the concept. By getting the right knowledge to the food of the barrier (restriction) surrounding the meal without discrimination with friends of various nationalities, while living in Japanese society, our "world, such as understanding of diverse cultures is promoted it is possible to extend the ". This series is to boost understanding to the choice of a variety of food, so that will help to get with the point of view of the beach (inclusive), from the story of the people of practitioners of experts and food, Halal, vegetarian, vegan It will tease about the food culture and preferences, such as.
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