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Rarity Halal restaurants to eat in Tokyo

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality Muslims also safe! Delicious Halal restaurants election eaten in Tokyo Tragic news about Islam is full of the world, but the vast majority of Muslims are praying sincerely peace, beautiful people's minds. Even in recent years he has walked the neighborhood, we have also increased to see the Muslims. In Islam there will be taboo of food. This time, we will introduce a halal restaurant in Tokyo that can be eaten with confidence also Muslim. Islam believers often religious largest in the world Believers often to turn the world religion is Christian, at the time of 2.0 years, Muslims it's also about million people. By the way, the Japanese population billion 0,000,000 people. Comparing the Japanese population how many people are there, or would frame a little feel. Many Muslims who love Japan, also have increased visitors in tourism. The trouble came Muslims in Japan [meal] It has been known that there are a variety of provisions to Islam. It is [meal] troubled Muslims came to Japan among them.
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