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The friendly city of Kanazawa in Muslim tourists

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality Kanazawa to the friendly city to Muslim tourists! Date (month) Group that consists of a student name of the Faculty of Humanities is to create as part of the [Overseas challenge business by fiscal 0 fiscal year student] Consortium of Universities in Ishikawa, with the cooperation of Ishikawa Muslim Association Kanazawa Halal corresponding store map [HAMAP (Hamappu)] Did. This activity, which was aimed to improve the convenience of Muslim tourists visiting Kanazawa, the map that you create, you have me for a store of information or the like to provide the Muslims also eat food in English. In preparing the map, ask to talk about halal correspondence of the current situation and halal to Kanazawa mosques and persimmon Hata for the Promotion of Science, students also directly to Kanazawa city dining options we interviewed.
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